2023’s Best No Zero Roulette Online Casinos

Have you ever wished you could play roulette without the annoying zero and double zero spaces? Now you can, because of the No Zero variant. Roulette has existed for thousands of years, but online casinos have only recently begun to offer this version of the game to participants. With no actual house advantage, you can win even more cash!

Continue reading to learn more about this game and where you can play it. This guide explains everything you need to know about No-Zero Roulette and recommends the best casinos for playing it. Spin Palace is the finest site for No-Zero Roulette, according to our review team, which has spent considerable time researching the best online casinos for Canadian players.


In this guide, you’ll learn everything about:


The history and origin of this variant of roulette

How No Zero Roulette is distinct from other variations

Strategy and tips for novice Canadian players.

Without a Zero, there is no House Edge.


In the 1800s, roulette was devised to generate revenue for the casinos in order to benefit Monaco. No Zero Roulette is a total deviation from this objective. Contrary to European and American Roulette, the wheel does not contain a zero or double zero. This modification reduces the company advantage.


It is important to note that the game’s minimums are higher, which may be intended to deter players interested in simple, low-stakes play. The utmost wager is also limited to prevent the casino from losing too much money to high-stakes gamblers.


Since the zero has been eliminated in this variant, Canadians have an equal chance of landing on either red or black!

A Rare Roulette Number

This game is unavailable in land-based casinos in Canada, and it may be difficult to locate online. In a number of online casinos, No Zero Roulette is an uncommon game. Due to the advantage it provides players over other online roulette variations, many casinos are hesitant to offer it.


Nothing Comparable Exists

Even though No Zero Roulette is played similarly to other variations of the game, it is a very different experience. As the name implies, the most apparent distinction is that there are no zeros on the wheel, whereas French, European, and American roulette have one zero and two zeros, respectively.


Obviously, this alteration completely alters the odds of the game. No house benefit exists in No Zero Roulette. European Roulette has a 2.7% house advantage, while American Roulette has a 5.3% house edge. With red/black, odd/even, and high/low wagers, you now have a true 50/50 chance of winning real money!


The appearance of this game differs from the majority of other roulette variations. This will depend on the software you choose to play on, but it is not uncommon for No Zero layouts to forsake the traditional red and black colors in favor of blue and white.


The Aim

The objective of No Zero Roulette is to attempt to match the number and/or color of the pocket the ball lands in by placing wagers.


Standard Gameplay

Standard Gameplay

All players commence the game by placing bets on the board. The dealer then announces “no more bets” and spins the wheel, at which point all wagers are halted. Winners collect their prizes, and the procedure is repeated. The game’s simplicity makes it a great option for novices, but before you begin playing, you should familiarize yourself with the various types of wagers. The following is a compendium of inside and outside wagers:


Inside Bets

Inside bets on No-Zero Roulette in an online casino are referred to as such because the chips are set on the inner portion of the board. They are wagers on solitary or small number groups. Inside wagers pay out more than outside wagers, but their prospects of success are much lower.


Straight/Single Bet: A pledge placed on a single number.


Split Bet: A pledge placed on two adjacent numbers.


Street Bet: A wager on three successive numbers in a single column.


Corner Bet or Square Bet: A cash wager placed on four numbers whose corners contact.


Six Line Bet or Double Street Bet: A wager on six consecutive numbers in two rows on the roulette table.


Since there is no zero on the wheel, there are no Trio or Basket wagers in the No Zero Roulette game.


Outside Bets

Outside bets in No-Zero Roulette at an online casino are referred to as such because the chips are set on the board’s perimeter. These wagers pay out significantly less than inside wagers, but they occur far more frequently.


Low and High Bets: A low stake is a wager on a winning number between 1 and 18. A high stake is a wager on a winning number between 19 and 36.


Red and Black Bets: A red bet is a wager on a winning crimson number. A black wager is a wager on a winning black number.


Even and Odd Bets: An even bet is a wager on the outcome of an even number, while an odd bet is a wager on the outcome of an odd number.


Dozen Bets: A dozen stake is a wager on a winning number from the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third (25-36) dozen.


Column Bets: A wager on whether the winning number will appear in the first, second, or third column.


Chances and Payouts

As you are now aware, there is no house edge when playing with no zero. However, No Zero Roulette comes with a minor caveat. The majority of Canadian online casinos impose a 10% tax on any winnings derived from gambling. This is a nominal fee considering there is no advantage while playing.


Beginner’s Strategy

In all variations of roulette, it is recommended that you place outside wagers as opposed to inside wagers. Even though the compensation is lower, your odds of winning are significantly greater. In an online casino, red/black, odd/even, and high/low wagers have a 50% chance of winning, while column and dozen bets have a 33% chance of winning. Aside from sticking to outside wagers, there are a few simple strategies recommended for Canadian novices.


Triple Down

The Martingale System is an extremely straightforward roulette strategy. You placed a wager on red/black, odd/even, and high/low. You continue that same wager until you lose. When you lose, you double your next round’s wager. Therefore, if you wager ten dollars on odd, you continue to play that number until it becomes even. When this occurs, you increase your wager by twenty dollars. If you lose again, the number increases to forty, and so on. No Zero Roulette enables you to recoup your initial wager after a win in an online casino.


Double Dozen

The double dozen strategy is applicable to both dozen and column wagers. In either circumstance, you will wager the same amount on two of the three possible outcomes. This hedges your chances, and you will win 66% of the time.


Mobile Play

There is presently no mobile option available for No Zero Roulette. Players must install the software on their computers. The game is not compatible with mobile casinos or online play. You may not be able to access the game if you own Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad, or Android devices such as Samsung phones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, or Nokia Lumia. The same holds true for Windows Phone and BlackBerry users.



Now that you have mastered the game’s rules and strategy, you can play online with confidence. We didn’t want you to waste time researching the finest online casinos for No-Zero Roulette, so we did it for you. Check out our list of the best Canadian casinos in 2023 and start winning real cash immediately.



How is No Zero Roulette played?

If you are familiar with other variations of roulette, you will find these rules to be similar. The game begins with participants placing bets on the board and spinning the wheel. A small ball travels around the roulette wheel and lands in one of the numbered slots. A random number generator is used to guarantee the fairness of the results at online casinos. Following the announcement of the winning number, the winners collect their winnings and the procedure is repeated.






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